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For as long as I can remember, I have had a caregiver's heart. For many years, I dedicated all of my energy towards my husband and children. Over the last few years, my children married, and my husband retired. Now it was my turn. I knew my new path would be revealed. When I received the news that my aunt had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, I immediately stepped up to help with her care. During one of our conversations, she made the comment, "even though I am very sick I still want to feel beautiful and be pampered." I immediately called her Esthetician, and she agreed to make a house call. After her facial was finished, I noticed a glow about her. Not only did she look beautiful, she also had a renewed zest to experience what time she had left. Seeing the positive change in her attitude, I set on a new path to become an Esthetician. Aesthetics not only promotes beautification, but also health and well being. My path was set!

About Me: About Me
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